We’re on a mission to make your work easier

We are a trusted team of experts who will take those monotonous tasks off your plate while you concentrate on growing your business.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide cost-efficient administrative support services to small and medium-sized businesses, in various sectors, to improve their profitability and therefore, provide them opportunity for growth and expansion. We aim to take some work load off our client’s hands so they can focus on other essential tasks.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to ensure satisfaction of our clients by fulfilling our promise to be:

・A reliable administrative support system
・Trusted with vital information
・Efficient and productive to reduce operational expense
・Equipped with essential tools to take assigned work
・Responsive with any issues and concerns
・Transparent with handling things and resolving unforeseen situations
・Loyal and dedicated in accomplishing our work duties
・A representative of your company that you can be proud of

Our Story

The founder of Loose Work has established and has been
operating a company for many years and has constantly dealt with
the recruiting, hiring, training, re-training, and retaining
employees. This experience made him realized that dealing
with employee’s tardiness, work attitude, and commitment
causes significant financial and operational burden affecting its
company’s mission. This is when he started to outsource some
tasks that are repetitive in nature and indirectly related to the
services being provided but equally significant to the success of
the company. This strategy made him reduce costs allowing
him to save and spend resources to what is more important as
well as to save time to be able to focus more on the goals to
make the company grow faster than he would have with
traditional method. With all his knowledge and connections
abroad with much lower average salary, he formed a company,
setup an office both in the country and abroad, and started
providing administrative support services to businesses with a
promise to fulfill his commitment with them.

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Los Angeles, CA

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694 Elk Street
Los Angeles, California(CA), 90017
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New York, NY

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21 Henry Ford Avenue
Manhattan, New York(NY), 10016