Happy to do the most boring jobs.

Give the task and we’ll do it for you! We do not have a single job description like most employee. You can give us any clerical task of your Office Manager, Biller, Bookkeeper, Payroll staff, Customer representative or a little of each. Loose Work will assist to minimize workload of your office staff so they can focus on certain things. Our team will ensure that assigned jobs are done exactly the way you want. In fact, we will create a company-specific manual, with step by step instructions of all the tasks you assigned to us, to provide you top-notch service and consistent result.

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The success of your business is important to us

Grow your business faster with us.


Increase your company’s profitability by reducing your operational cost. For as low as $10 per hour, you get a full-time remote administrative assistant supervised and monitored by our Team Leader.


Train our team once and you will never need to train anyone else ever again for the same tasks. Pass the stress of dealing with employee turnovers and tardiness to us.


Pick and choose tasks that you want us to do at anytime, 24/7 for 365 days. Plans are available for small to medium size businesses.

Gain Control

Have the power to assign any task. We are not bound to any job position that limits you to assign certain tasks. We do any task as you find to be the priority.

Peace of Mind

Our connection includes encryption based on RSA private/public key exchange and AES (256 bit) session encryption. This technology is based on the same standards as https/SSL and is considered completely safe by today's standards. The key exchange also guarantees full, client-to-client data protection.


Rely on us! Our office is equipped with high-speed internet (minimum of 600 Mbps) and power generators. Also, for each remote administrative assistant you take, we train at least 2 of our team members to fulfill our commitment to you.

Values That Drive Everything - Corporate X Webflow Template
Values That Drive Everything - Corporate X Webflow Template

Regular Employee Cost

・Hourly rate of $ 14.13 (NJ) up to $ 16.5 (D.C)
・Paid time off including holidays and sick leave
・Mandatory overtime pay, employer taxes, health     insurance, and worker’s compensation insurance
・Allotted office space and/or parking slot
・Cost to temporary replace employee when late     and/or absent


Loose Work Cost

・Hourly rate of $10
・No work, No pay
・No additional mandatory employer cost
・All payments to Loose Work are tax deductible
・No office space and/or parking slot needed
・Back-up team member included

Get on board and grow your business