Unload some tasks.
Focus on growing your business.

Loose Work is your go-to remote assistant you can rely on for a fraction of the usual cost. You will no longer need to deal with employee trainings and tardiness ever again.

Name the task you need, and we take care of it for you!

We are your reliable team of experts that provides in-person and remote day to day administrative and support services. With our experience, you can give yourself more time to do what you find to be more valuable instead of getting stuck doing repetitive computer work and long calls.

Our service cost only half of your normal labor cost.
What you pay us is tax deductible.
Enjoy huge savings. Money in your pocket. 

Work with assurance

We want you to feel comfortable transferring your company’s work to us. Loose Work will have in-person representative to learn your assigned tasks and smoothly transition them to our remote team. Best of all, it does not end here. Our in-person representative will continue to monitor the work done by our team. This assures you that all work are done exactly the way you want it to be. Partnering with us is like paying an employee and a supervisor to your employee for much less.

Not only will we pledge to give you the best quality of assistance, we'll also put in high priority the privacy of all your data. Loose Work remotely connects to your existing computer setup using an end-to-end encrypted connection that is ISO-27001 certified. No one can view your computer's contents but you and your Loose Work's team. You may terminate or block the connections of your data at any time.

Our team members are trained to comply with HIPAA and have undergone updated HIPAA awareness and security trainings.

Loosen up with the benefits you receive

Savings on employee salary cost
On payroll taxes and employee benefits
Office space
Flexible work hours
0 Time
Employee re-training, tardiness & turnover

Select. Instruct. Loosen Up.

3 quick steps to lift the monotonous tasks off your shoulders.

Step 1: Select

Choose a package that fits your business needs and sign an agreement to get started.

Step 2: Instruct

Have our in-person representative know how you want the work done.

Step 3: Loosen Up

Take out the work you assigned to us from your to-do list and start saving money. Our team will handle the rest!

What We Can Assist You With

Phone Support

Chat Support

Data Entry


Appointment Scheduling


Lead Follow Up


Phone Verification

Data Verification

Document Writing

Financial Analysis

Calendar Management

Operations Management

Outbound & Inbound Calls

Personal Tasks

Travel Arrangements


Give us your Loose Work!

Take the control of your investments. Start today!

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Take The Control Of Your Investments - Corporate X Webflow Template
Take The Control Of Your Investments - Corporate X Webflow Template
Take The Control Of Your Investments - Corporate X Webflow Template
Take The Control Of Your Investments - Corporate X Webflow Template

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