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Is the remote connection secure?

All connections are end-to-end encrypted. This means no one can see the content other than Loose Work’s staff who have undergone extensive training on securing privacy of all data. You may terminate or block connections to your data at any time. The connectivity is ISO-27001 certified, the international standard for information security.

Does Loose Work comply with HIPAA?

Yes. Loose Work understand the importance of the privacy and security of Protected Health Information (PHI) and strictly complies to HIPAA.

Who is responsible for ensuring that Loose Work is HIPAA compliant?

Loose Work has assigned a Privacy and Security Compliance Officer who directly manages day to day operation to ensure compliance with applicable HIPAA regulations and guidelines. The officer is also assisted by the Committee member and Office supervisors.

What training(s) do Loose Work team members receive?

Training starts upon hiring a team member. No one is allowed to access our client's PHI until training on HIPAA rules is completed and Confidentiality agreement has been accepted and signed. This is followed by HIPAA awareness training including details on Privacy and Security of Protected Health Information (PHI). All team members undergo a mandatory HIPAA re-training every two years.

Is Loose Work a HIPAA compliant third-party vendor?

Yes. Loose Work comply with HIPAA to protect and secure all Protected Health Information (PHI)

What does Loose Work do?

Our team provides administrative support services such as electronic filing and organizing, paper file to electronic file conversion, data entry such as billing, electronic faxing, phone and/or electronic verification, phone surveying or marketing, appointment or treatment scheduling, task or team coordinating, document proofing or editing, and phone or written appeal generation, bookkeeping, invoicing, and many more.

Why get Loose Work over other independent, work from home Virtual Assistant?

1. Consistent work. We have trained back up team members who can cover or replace the main team member, if needed.

2. Productive work. We have well-experienced supervisors constantly monitoring work of our team members. All work are done in the office. No distractions caused by what you normally find at home.

3. Reliable work. We are well equipped with fast, reliable internet and back generators.

4. Secure work. We strictly follow HIPAA guidelines in protecting any information pass to us.

Why remote administrative assistant?

Cost effective and better business operational strategy. By assigning time-consuming, repetitive tasks to Loose Work, you can focus on other tasks which you or your other trained personnel are worth doing.

What savings can Loose Work bring to me?

Employee taxes, benefits, and other overhead cost of having an employee in your office. Hiring employees cost time and money. Also, all payments to Loose Work are completely tax deductible.

Do I get in-person support?

Yes, there will be an assigned local representative who would do all necessary work to ensure that you have worry-free experience.

How is my data privacy kept?

Loose Work only connects and remotely uses your existing computer setup. There is no data being taken or saved outside your office device.

What happens if Phones and Faxes are involved?

Loose Work has assigned a phone and fax that can be used for our clients without any charges. However, if you prefer to have your own, designated phone and fax line, we will assist you to setup a custom Voice Over Internet Protocol Phone and electronic Fax system.

Does it need to be a long-term commitment?

No, you may choose the Intermittent Plan with a minimum of 40 hours that may be used within 6 months. This is good if you only want to finish a small project or you may have intermittent, irregular work to be completed within a 6-month period.

Can I deduct my payment to Loose Work?

All payments to Loose Work are considered business expense and should be used as tax write-off. We recommend that you speak to your accountant for details.

What days and times would Loose Work's team work?

It is according to your preference. Some clients prefer it during their normal office hours, others prefer it when their office is closed.

Would I get charged when Loose Work's team is on break or lunch time?

No. You only get charged when our team is actively working. This saves you money as compared to hiring in-person employees.

Can I get more than 1 package from Loose Work's services?

Yes, you can always add more packages as needed. Packages can be combined depending on the volume of work you need.

Would I need to pay extra for working more than 40 hours per week?

No, you can have as many packages as you want with the same price.

Do you provide services on US major holidays?

We charge time and a half for services done on US major holidays upon request.

What are the steps when I decide to take advantage of Loose Work's services?

1. Select a package
2. Sign an agreement.
3. Train our in-person representative.
4. Consider the work done.
5. Start saving money.

Does any of your staff work from home?

No. All Loose Work’s staff work from the office and are closely monitored by a Team Supervisor to ensure privacy of information and productivity of work. There will be no interruption of work due to distractions typically occurring in a home office.

Can I pay using a Credit Card?

All packages are pre-paid using bank transfers, debit/check card, or check. We apply surcharges for Credit card payment.

Can I cancel services if I am not satisfied?

Yes. You may cancel services at any time on the first 30 days but requires 2-week termination notice when past 30 days.

Do I need to manage and supervise Loose Work's staff?

No. We have designated supervisors to ensure that all Loose Work’s staff are as productive as they can be.

Do I need to manage and supervise Loose Work's staff?

No. We have designated supervisors to ensure that all Loose Work’s staff are as productive as they can be.

How do I track the hours spent for me?

We have a time recording system in place which requires each Loose Work’s staff to Log in and log out for the assigned job and is being monitored by the supervisors. A copy of the work hours spent will be sent to you twice a month.

Would Loose Work sign a Business Associate Agreement?

Yes. Loose Work will issue and sign a business Associate Agreement which makes us legally responsible to protect Protected Health Information (PHI).

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